Advantage of Using a Buyer’s Agent

There many advantages to using a buyer’s agent. Using a buyer’s agent is completely free as the commission is paid by the seller. Michigan Luxury Realty has represented many buyers in the Metro Detroit area. Please inquire within if you interested in using our free services.

Initial contact with prospective Buyers

  • Meet Buyers in person at office
  • Agency disclosure

Deliver Listing to Buyers

Qualify Buyers’ buying power = pre-approval, refer to Loan Officer if necessary

Schedule Showings

Locate Desired Home

Call Listing agent to inform intent of offer

Call Listing agent’s office - Request property disclosures

Provide a CMA regarding the property of choice

Provide Tax Information to buyer

Write the offer:

  • Purchase Agreement (PA) (and Addendums, if applicable)
  • Agency disclosure
  • Notice of Buyer Agency
  • Copy of Buyers’ pre-approval
  • Lead based paint disclosures
  • Sellers’ disclosure
  • Obtain Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) check/promissory note from Buyers

Schedule offer presentation with Listing agent and Sellers

Present offer to Sellers and Listing agent

Negotiate terms and conditions of offer with Listing agent

Give a bottom-lined copy of PA to Buyers

  • They will need to provide to mortgage officer

Coordinate with Buyers to schedule private home inspection per PA time frame

Follow-up with inspection results, if applicable, per PA time frame

  • Addendum to listing agent/seller(s)

Coordinate with mortgage officer and Listing agent to schedule appraisal/FHA/VA inspection, if applicable

Receive and review Title Commitment

Follow-up with Listing agent on closing packages week before closing

Coordinate closing date/time with all parties; Sellers, Buyers, agents, Title Company

Complete final walk-through with Buyers

Review Buyers’ closing statement with Buyers prior to closing

Discuss items needed in regards to closing

  • Cashier’s check, if applicable
  • Paid receipt for homeowner’s policy
  • Valid picture ID
  • Know Social Security Number

Attend closing

Advise Buyers to transfer utilities based on occupancy

Facilitate key exchange after closing, if applicable

Fax Use and Occupancy letter to Title Company to cut escrow checks, if applicable

Follow-up with Buyers to be sure they receive their escrow check, if applicable